About us


Al Ain Expat was founded and created in November 2009 by Sandra Hilyard & Emma Witte. Six months later on 15th May 2010 the website went ‘live’ and became the first Al Ain based information website dedicated to the expat community. Since then Al Ain Expat has experienced considerable growth and change.

In February 2015, the website was taken over by its new owners Andrew Rouvi & Bryce Pritchard. Both owners are originally from New Zealand and together with their families, have joined the Al Ain expat community and enjoy the lifestyle of living abroad and a new cultural experience.

Andrew and his wife Rochelle have four children. The family came to Al Ain in September 2011 and enjoy the Garden City lifestyle and ambience. Andrew has a sales and business background having worked in New Zealand for multinational companies such as Nestle & Unilever.

Bryce, his wife Jane and their three children relocated to Al Ain in 2012. As a family they enjoy the many experiences Al Ain has to offer. Bryce has a business management background and worked for many years in the New Zealand Gas Industry.

For a long time Al Ain has had a need for an expat directory to help people access local businesses and alainexpat.com is the answer! Alainexpat.com will be constantly maintained and updated to bring expats the most relevant information.

Andrew and Bryce understand this need and are continuing this idea forward with more information and contacts than before. Alainexpat.com makes it easy to search categories and find appropriate businesses. They also know what it’s like to be a brand new expat in Al Ain who just wants to know where the closest supermarket, mall or laundry is or where the civic centre/municipality is. Andrew and Bryce also understand that in Al Ain there is often a language barrier that comes into effect when trying to communicate and expats are often disappointed and frustrated with the results.

“We decided there must be an easier way to find places in Al Ain, an easier way to access places like Sanaiya, town centre, or find the little shop that sells that certain item. There’s been a few times we’ve travelled across town to a certain shop only to find out later the same type of store is just around the corner from our homes. The malls here are fantastic, but don’t always have what you need. There has been many a time we’ve spent a whole day in Sanaiya looking for one thing and then spoken to a friend who could have told us where it was because they spent the whole day last week doing the same.”

Through their experiences and understanding of living in the Garden City, Andrew and Bryce have recreated alainexpat.com as a comprehensive resource for expats in Al Ain.