Al Ain Weekends

Al Ain Weekends are a social group that has a focus on Culture and Heritage of the Al Ain area and beyond. It is their vision to provide opportunities for people to gather together and network while learning about the rich culture of the UAE and Oman. They aim to provide opportunities to see, experience first-hand, and learn about what makes Al Ain so special. At times they venture to other parts of the UAE and Oman to see what the culture has to offer us there. In the end, the group’s philosophy is to show people what is here so that they can appreciate and respect the heritage that surrounds them as they work and live in the UAE.

They try to have outings every weekend. In their announcements they specify the essential information that will help you be prepared and enjoy the event. Some places need a high clearance car while others take any type of car. Some outings are great for families while others may be extended hiking for older children and above.

Usually their outings are a 3-5 hour period but sometimes they have overnight events. On extended trips to Oman they usually camp or stay in hotels, the choice is yours. Places they visit can range from UNESCO World Heritage sites, to little known wadis and abandoned villages, to festivals and museums. At this time they are volunteers who depend on participant donations to cover expenses to run their outings.

If you are interested in receiving weekly emails about Al Ain Weekends’ weekly excursions, you can sign up by emailing