Dealing with a traffic accident

If you are involved in an accident, do not move your vehicle unless it is obstructing the road.
Depending on how serious the collision is, call 999 and ask for the police – if there are injuries – or Saaed if the damage is minor. Saaed is the company designated to deal with traffic accidents in Al Ain. In both cases the officer will decide who was at fault and issue either a red or a green notice. The green notice is given to motorists who are not thought to be at fault while the red is handed to the offending driver.
Once you have a notice you can show this to a garage, insurance or hire company to have the vehicle repaired.

Tips and Advise

1. Drivers license, your car registration card and your car insurance must be produced at the time of an accident so make sure all are in the car at all times.
2. Ask the officer about fines and points on your license to avoid any surprises later.
3. Retain all paperwork given by the officer and make copies for your records as you may be required to produce at a later date.