Doing a border run

A border run is the same thing as a ‘visa run’ or ‘enter/exit’. When a ‘tourist’, or when one enters the UAE on a tourist visa you are given 30 days before you need to leave the country. You can’t just ‘hang out’ in the UAE unless you are employed or sponsored by another person or company. Many spouses and children fall into this category. If you go to ANY other country and then enter back into the UAE your 30 day time limit is reset. By doing a border run to the UAE’s neighbour, Oman, you are in essence leaving the UAE, entering the Sultanate of Oman, leaving Oman and re-entering the UAE, thus extending your tourist visa by another 30 days until the ’employed’ member of your family is granted their resident’s visa, which then allows them to sponsor their spouse and children to obtain residency.

A border run takes approx 3hrs and there are 3 stops to be made:

1. UAE exit – requires cash only and approx AED35 per person
2. Oman entry/exit – requires credit card as they use only Omani Riyals as currency
3. UAE entry – No charge

Tips and advise

1. The Mezyad border is the quickest as the two border posts are in close proximity
2. Please note you are not allowed to take a hired car or taxi on a border run
3. If you have overstayed your 30 days you will be fined (per person, per day) so bring cash to cover this amount (up to AED100 per day)
4. Bring passports and make sure all passports have at least 6 months validity.
5. Go with a guide or someone who offers this service for ease of process and peace of mind.

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