Getting a driver’s license

Abu Dhabi Police takes strict measures against people who drive vehicles without a valid driving license. Citizens and residents of Abu Dhabi Emirate, who want to legally drive, must obtain a driving license after passing the required tests.

Holders of driving licenses from the following countries may replace their licenses in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi without having to pass a driving test, but they must have valid residency in the UAE:

Australia Austria Belgium Denmark Canada Finland
France Germany Greece Ireland Italy Japan
Netherlands New Zealand Norway Poland South Africa South Korea
Sweden Switzerland Turkey UK USA

Visitors to the UAE, who would like to drive during their stay in the country, are allowed to drive rented cars provided that they carry a valid driving license, as well as an international driving license issued in their country.

UAE residents holding a valid UAE driving license issued in another emirate may also drive in Abu Dhabi using their existing driving license on their visit or relocation to the Emirate. However, if a resident relocating to Abu Dhabi wishes to exchange his/her driving license issued in another emirate, he must obtain a no-objection letter from the emirate where his/her license is issued, and undergo an eye-test at the Traffic and Licensing Department in Abu Dhabi.

Steps for obtaining a driving license for residents other than those mentioned above:

  1. To open the account you need to register at the Traffic Section situated in Falaj Hazza, you will requre a passport/visa copy, a UAE ID card, the person who is your sponsor in the country with you (ie husband or parent), or a letter of no objection from your employer.
  2. Once the above is achieved, register with the Emirates Driving Company (situated over the other side of town in Al Towayya District) for the training card, which allows you to get the necessary driver training.
  3. Attend theoretical training at the Emirates Driving Company and pass the exam.
  4. Undergo road training after passing the theoretical exam as follows:
    • Those who do not have a driving license from other countries must join the Emirates Driving Company for internal training, and then the road training at any private driving institute in Abu Dhabi.
    • Holders of driving licenses from other countries can join any private driving institute in Abu Dhabi for road training and then undergo a one-time road test. However, if you fail the road test, your file will be transferred to the Emirates Driving Company where you will have to undergo the road training from the beginning.
  5. Present the theory pass certificate and take the driving test.
  6. Apply for a new driving license.

Tips and advice for obtaining a UAE license.

  1. Your existing license must be translated into English and Arabic
  2. You must pass an eye test from an approved optician in Al Ain.
  3. You will be required to produce your residence visa, passport and existing drivers license, as well as 3 passport size photos.
  4. The office in Al Ain is located HERE in Falaj Hazza.