Housing Types in Al Ain

The most common and popular expat housing option in Al Ain is the independent villa (detached house) with a courtyard to the front and side and usually a small garden at the back. The smallest of these houses have four bedrooms, but houses with up to seven bedrooms are not uncommon. There are usually four bedrooms upstairs with ensuite bathrooms or two ensuites and a communal family bathroom. An additional bedroom is found on the ground floor. There are also some single storey independent villas found in Al Ain. Prices for this kind of accommodation range from 120k-140k AED per annum for a four bedroom villa up to 170k AED for a seven bedroom villa. The independent villa is the most popular housing option for westerns living in Al Ain, as it offers a large living space and privacy.

stand alone villa

Compound villas are found in Al Ain but are not plentiful. They do offer nice residential community style living with shared facilities like a gym and pool and sometimes children’s play areas. Unfortunately these villas do not come on the market very often as they are hugely popular and have waiting list. This also results in higher rents from 100 – 160k AED per annum for a five bedroom villa. Compound villas can be found in Al Maqam district off Tawam roundabout, in Town Centre near the Al Ain Mall and in Sanaiya opposite the Etisalat main office.






Cluster villas are becoming more popular. They are similar in style to the independent villa style but built in a small compound of two to four villas. Cluster villas are offered as detached and semi-detached villas. They usually do not offer pools and gyms but a communal courtyard at the entrance. Some offer gardens or a larger communal area. Prices are similar to the independent villa ranging from 100-150k AED for a four bedroom house.DSC09901Apartments in Al Ain offer single, two and three bedroom options in all areas. They are generally two to three storey’s high in a block of twelve to eighteen units. They do not always offer communal areas but all apartments come with a designated shaded car port. Prices for an apartment range from 40k AED for one bedroom to 70k AED for a three bedroom apartment. Popular areas for apartment living are Town Centre, Al Jimi area near the Jimi Mall and Al Maqam near Tawam hospital.