Local Religion

Islam is the official religion in the UAE and is widely practised. The religion is based on five pillars (Faith, Prayer, Charity, Fasting and Pilgrimage) and Muslims are called upon to pray five times a day, with these times varying according to the position of the sun.

The call to prayer can be heard throughout the day:

  1. Between dawn and sunrise
  2. About half an hour after mid-day
  3. Mid afternoon
  4. Right after sunset
  5. An hour and a half after sunset

It is worth keeping in mind that Islam is more than just a religion, it is the basis for a complete way of life that all Muslims adhere to. There are many mosques all over Al Ain but it’s is not unusual to see people kneeling by the side of the road to pray. It is considered impolite to stare at people praying or to walk over their prayer mats. Friday is the Islamic holy day and most businesses will be closed until mid-afternoon, in accordance with the state and Islamic Law.