Al Sanaiya is the industrial district of Al Ain. You can find anything and everything in Sanaiya. It is a short, five minute drive from the centre of Al Ain. During peak times there is “sea of people” walking, sitting, praying, working, and talking. The air is filled with a range of aromas and all the noises that are associated with the hustle and bustle of Sanaiya.

At some point in time, everyone needs to visit Sanaiya. This is the place where mechanics, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, garages, grocery stores, restaurants, car rental companies and many more stores and services, can be found. Be aware that Sanaiya shuts down between the hours of 1pm and 4pm and on Friday businesses open after 4pm.

If expats find that they have a job to attend to, but cannot find a tradesmen, one option is to go to Sanaiya and ask any worker (specific to the task in need) and generally, they will be happy to assist. Even if it means coming to the expat’s home to fix it. Payment will be required for their time and the work done, as well as transportation. The price is negotiable, but be fair because it is possible that the person’s services may be required again.

Al Sanaiya is divided into three sections: East, West and Central and is overwhelmingly dominated by men. It is not too often that women go to Sanaiya as they may feel overwhelmed by all the men.

Al Sanaiya is very busy throughout the week, which contributes to very busy roads and chaotic driving. Going to Sanaiya will prove a challenge for the most experienced driver. The key is to be assertive, expect the unexpected and smile and wave!!

Enjoy Sanaiya…..there is no other place like it!