Shopping Malls

Due to the hot climate in the UAE, air-conditioned malls are very popular places to visit. They operate 15 hours of the day, 7 days per week and are open 365 days of the year. Malls generally trade quietly during the day, but from 5pm onwards, it can be a challenge to find parking and a good amount of foot space in the mall.

In Al Ain, the main malls are Bawadi Mall, Al Ain Mall, Al Jimi Mall and Hili Mall. Al Foah Mall and newly built Remal Mall are also busy at certain times of the day and week. Al Jimi Mall and Al Ain Mall are 10 minutes, drive from each other, and Bawadi Mall is a good 20 minutes from the centre of Al Ain.

Each mall has its own uniqueness and whilst they operate independently, the malls rely on keeping things fresh with new ideas and ways to keep the locals and expats coming back. Most malls are host to indoor theme parks to keep the kids happy and some even have a crèche where parents can leave their children in supervised care while they shop.

During the summer months, expats can go from house, to car, to mall in the comfort of air conditioning. The mall becomes a local hang out during these months as it is too hot to be anywhere else. Be prepared to spend some money during this time also as Ramadan specials are prevalent and most stores have big sales on! For a lot of stores, Ramadan is big business!

With Al Ain being so diverse, the malls are decorated with Christmas decorations at Christmas time to cater for the expats in the city. The malls play an integral part in keeping the expat community happy and well versed in spending their dirhams.